Founded in 2001 by Chris Wozniak, Flying Onion aims to provide unmatched catering service for diners in Northeast Ohio. We specialize in the full execution of menus (planning, preparing and serving) for receptions, dinner parties, brunches, and other events large and small

Drawing from a wide range of culinary styles, we create menus full of unique, interesting and flavorful dishes. We use only freshly purchased ingredients, and prepare food onsite whenever possible to avoid unnecessary reheating.

Whether you are hosting a dinner for eight or holding a reception for 200, Flying Onion gives your event the personal attention it deserves. Chris plans each menu with you and, unlike many caterers, is always present at the event to prepare the food. When help is needed in the kitchen, Flying Onion contracts with a small group of experienced cooks, and we work regularly with a dedicated serve staff that is the equal of any in the Cleveland area.

Chris Wozniak has worked as the Executive Chef for the Cleveland Museum of Art, Heck's Catering and Marigold's Catering. He was formerly on the faculty of International Culinary Arts ans Science Institute (ICASI) and was a guest instructor at the Escuela de Hosterleria y Turismo de Valencia Spain. He is certified in food protection by the Ohio Deartment of Health.




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