The Flying Onion offers full Catering service, including menu design, food preparation, beverages, rentals (plates, silverware, glasses, etc.) and serve staff. As a boutique operation, we work closely with you to create a menu that fits the occasion, whether it's a formal event, a casual gathering or anything in between--we never work off of plate lists or preset menus. Options include buffets, sit-down dinners, wine pairings, brunches, grillings, cocktail receptions, hors d'oeuvre platters and more --let us know what you need.

Unlike more traditional catering services, we only prepare food off-site when it is absolutely necessary. We usually arrive at the event location two hours ahead of guest arrival and, with few exceptions, prepare everything in the onsite kitchen, be it at your home or reception hall. This allows us to serve food at the peak of its flavor, freshly prepared and without reheating.

The pricing of catered events can vary widely depending on the quantity of food and the complexity of the menu. There is really no way to provide a meaningful price range without some knowledge of the number of guests and types of food to be served. Please give us a call. Chef Chris Wozniak will be happy to discuss your event and determine a price range for you. All costs of food and kitchen labor are included in the quoted price, with expenses added for serve staff, rentals and beverages, if provided.

Serve staff is billed out at $25/hour with a five hour minimum (five to six hours is usually sufficient). Rentals are typically arranged through Event Source and the cost is passed on to you without a markup. Beverages are also passed on at cost if The Flying Onion is providing them.

Sample Menus


Client Testimonials:
"Thanks again for helping to make my mom and dad's 70th a big success. You and your staff were top notch..."

"...Had a lengthy conversation singing your praises, commenting on the unique flavors, with so much attention to detail, the presentation, textures, colors and ingredients... I have never had a better catered meal."

"As usual you were a hit! Thanks."


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